Custom Snap Shots


As of creator and owner of Custom Snap Shots I am dedicated to the time-honored tradition of quality, personal service and attention to detail.  Custom Snap Shots photo sessions are designed to create a comfortable environment that lets you experience a fun photo session with the end results in mind.  It is this dedication that makes Custom Snap Shots the right choice for preserving your most precious moments.

Capturing that special moment in your life is my foremost objective.  Whether your taste leans towards the refined, traditional style or today’s contemporary images you’ll find that Custom Snap Shots is simply easy.

Captured through the medium of photography, images freeze forever the intimate expressions of your heart and soul
Specializing in outdoor / natural lighting

No faces are as beautiful as those you love the most.  Why not treat yourself to a portrait of the people you cherish.

Whether you place it on your desk at the office or on the wall at home, or send it to friends and family far away, it will become a source of joy everyday.