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I've always loved taking pictures to capture an event or just a moment. I'm inspired by the love I have for creating memories and making people happy. I don't have formal training but I do have a gift.

I started Custom Snap Shots after sharing a few pictures I took on a group trip.  I captured a family photo. When I gave it to them they were so full of gratitude because they had never had a "family picture". That's when my gut said "share your gift".  I feel blessed to be paid to do what I love for over 20 years now

I use my camera to document life and then edit and share my images with a focus on the magic I find in everyday. I believe pictures tell stories. I have helped families capture a moment in time. I have helped executives get the right shot for speaking engagements or for LinkedIn. I have helped groups capture a gathering so everyone takes home a printed memory. Moments around all different needs. There's a picture around every corner.

A lot of my repeat work is during the holidays helping families create cards to mail.

It is my love language to share stories through photographs. Capturing moments is priceless to me.  I may take a lot of pictures but everyone around me asks to see what I've captured and then asks me to share. The joy is priceless. 

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